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icon6 VolcanoBox 1.4.9 Huawei Modem Direct Unlock Beta & many more


Whats new ?

  • Added Huawei Modems Direct Unlock ( BETA NEED TEST Reports )
  • Added and CT8853B-SPI8M Read/Write
  • Modify Coolsand Read pass Algo ( you must check password from 2 ways 1st Find Password 2nd Unlock code )
  • Modify Mstar Find pass Algo
  • Huawei U Series Bug Solve if still have problem please report us
  • Added New PDF Manual
  • Added Huawei U Series Drivers

i want to share some thing about Coolsand Wrong passwords

VolcanoBox Coolsand Wrong password Detailed info & help needed

i had seen Few Friends was asking that Volcano Box reading Wrong code from Coolsand Phones. we really investigate it deeply and I want to share with you guys

whenever you got sand phone before do any thing 1st of all read info like this

at the end of log you will see

0x400000 (4M)
0x800000 (8M)

You must check this before you do anything. If you have 4MB then you must select 4MB Flash ID from volcanobox and if you have 8MB then you must select 8MB Flash id.

How could I know which flash id is 4mb and 8mb ?
Mostly Flash id which have ď32Ē figure in flash id name is 4 MB

For example

Built-in Ct1129D

Like these are 4mb Flash id

Mostly Flash id which have ď64Ē figure in flash id name is 8mb
For example


Why need this to verify ?

I had seen many Friends just read flash and try to find password from them and some time they got wrong password. What I saw and what I make experiments is. If you flash id is 4MB and you select 8MB flash id for sure flash file will not readed correctly when flash file not readed correctly then how itís possible it will give you correct password ? some time Friends select 4MB flash id and their phone have 8MB and they read flash file and try to find password as flash is 8MB and they read just 4MB for sure file is not readed complete !! as file not readed complete for sure it will give you wrong password or no password found error.

So always 1st make read info then select 4MB or 8MB Your desire Flash id and read flash after for sure password will be read correct !
After some Friends post issue about this problem so we decide make tour of market and read password of all available sand phones and will check what wrong so I go and make test. During my Tour I Test about 400 phones total and from these 400 phones I got 250 different phones which was Coolsand. I read password from all of them and I am surprised all password was correct. How I was doing take phone set any password and read password from volcano and itís reading correct password from all sand phones

Then I make search in forum try to collect sand phones name which was giving wrong password. I got few of them when I check all password read correct. From Market I check lot of models and Brands like

Gright5130 mini
Vell comm Ve1661
Ken Xin da F911
Cell com ve1209
Jmobile J228
Gboss G200
Vell comm a2656
Xptel c1
Nokia c1
Nestle 2232
Nestle mini N5212
More C3322
Cptel G101
XPtel G101
Lehar loot 77
Spice S1332
Samsung W279
Httel K81
Xptell C00-1
Sprice C2
Spice S16
Spice S18
Samsung C3322

Also lot of other models. I read password and all of them are working password. I did not encounter with any wrong password. After what we make experiment we take two same phone ( same models same brand but board was not same ) put password on of it and read flash and read password it read correct password from flash file then I write that file into another phone ( same brand . same model but board was not same ) after flash it mobile alive and working fine but that password is not working on it. Then we take same phone same as phone which I write flash file on it not from I read flash we took same mobile ( mobile same. Model same . board same means 100% ) I set password and read flash and write on that phone which phone I write flash file before and which was not accepting correct code. We write flash file and we read password it was correct and mobile accept. Then again we remove password from that phone which I read flash file 1st (same brand . same model but board was not same ) read flash and write on that phone which was not accepting password. After write flash mobile power on and working fine but keypad was not working good when ever we press 1 mobile type 8 we press 2 mobile type 0 we type 5 mobile type 7 like this keypad was not accurate

So we found this could be reason as Customer never tell true so we donít know is some buddy played it before or no

So 1st reason we found cause of bad flash file keypad not working fine cause when ever we insert password in password box we canít see digits we see only Stars ****

For example I write 786 you can read it but i write *** can you read it ? both type I write 786 so in password box we donít know what mobile is typing ( writing ) so this could be 1st possible reason

2nd reason could be some time mobile keypad ic damaged and mobile not write correct what we press buttons . some time this happen like customer make password on mobile and its was working fine but after some time his baby put mobile in his ***** cause of WET keypad damaged or keypad ic damaged now customer will put mobile in sun shine and after 3 to 4 hour he will take mobile and when it power on for sure mobile will ask for password and when he will type if keypad ic or keypad damaged for sure password will not open and we canít see what mobile is typing in password box
3rd reason could be some time we press 9 and mobile write # we press 7 and password write * as we donít know what mobile is writing in password box so it will not open even box read password correct

So if you found any case Please investigate it deeply as our Users is our Beta testers and tell me what you found you can contact me via sonork 100.1577177

@ All please make test as many of you have mobile for sell and some of you have Big Dealer in china mobiles please try to do this

Take phone set password like 9999

Read info of mobile and check what size it have as I explain you already
Set correct Flash id and read flash

After read flash click on Find password

Give path of flash file and see is your password which you set on phone before read. Volcano show you or no . if incase volcano canít show please Contact me on sonork 100.1577177

If you got any phone which have password and you donít know what password is on phone. Please try to take same phone ( 100% same ) when you found same phone please contact me on sonork 100.1577177 Donít Read flash from unprotected phone ( normal phone ) and write on Protected phone ( phone which have password ) this is really useless for us but it will work for you

I asked you to contact me cause of if you read flash from same mobile from working phone and write on that same phone which have password it will work fine for you but we canít implement it and when ever you got such

phone and you have not same phone in hand for sure you canít do it !!

I hope it will clear and if you really got such case for sure you will contact me !!

About Huawei U Series unlock

1.remove micro sd card from phone.
2.check battery level(it's important, without battery phone can't connect to pc)
3, remove battery from phone fo 5 sec, then replace it back in phone.
4. enter in fastboot mode(check if drivers not have !, it's important, if drivers conflict will not work ok).
5. press unlock.(if used check phone...repeat same from step number 2).
PS . use directly to usb port don't connect cable threw hub and make sure correct drivers installed.

if again problem not solve please test it on FRESH Windows pc for sure it will unlock your phone also make sure you are not making these mistakes

For example your problem can be:

1.Battery level not ok, phone lost communication(error writing buffer exactly this mean).
2.Phone is in incorrect mode and not respond ok after send loader.
3.Drivers is wrongly installed.
4.Used WIN7 or Vista and not opened with admin right.
5.Firewall block exe in some way.
6.USB not have power to keep phone.
7.Phone have custom rooted, moded , supermoded firmware.
8.your antivirus creating problem.

Click here to download


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